Thursday, May 21, 2015

This week (may 20ish)

For the sake of content and an overall need to share the adventures aftermath of a week with •gbot•, I present to you the pics that would up on my camera roll this week. 

An ultimate style guide for hot dog lovers. 

Pepsi anyone? Yes, you, eggplant. 

Mike and Matt together again after a long hiatus on te west coast. 

Follow these steps. 

A little promotion for •gbot• at Miltons BloomFrst Dog Show powered by our good friends at Dog Lovers Days and Eurocan. 

Steve and Matt enjoying a •gbot• subset on the patio in Kitsilano. 

•gbot• is not a new idea-- people line up for deals throughout history. 

The •gbot• is really proud of Rabba and the great shoppers who go there 24/7. 

Expect the unexpected-- even Adam Weat through inc a shooting turtle. Operating a start up can be full of random surprises. 


Saturday, April 4, 2015

The March Month End (no basketball)

As the month of March come to a close this blog is an obligatory social media presence push with a google product for seo purposes. It also has the fun twist of letting you several thousand people know hat would up on my phone camera over the last few weeks. Download •gbot• and share with friends and you'll have a special place in my heart. 
A truism that •gbot• will always support. 
Sale have been going well--above forecasts by 9%. 
This is our graphic artist, Lily White. 
Do you delegate shopping at home? Really? 
Yes. Yea it is Easter. Look closely and you'll find a •gbot• logo. 
This is how lunch went at a •gbot• board meeting...
This was the first ever magazine cover for Vogue. Reminds us that things change and we should accept that. 
Download the MADD •gbot• app and save a life. Maybe yours. 

Easter is a good time to talk about eggs. Super smart, right? 
Grapefruit a is great for you. Spend less on grapefruit by marking it a fav in you •gbot• app. 
Not sure if the Milk is still good? Well, you're welcome. 

If you're not 'Chewbacca with a surf board cool' just remember there are alternatives. You're lack of faith is disturbing... 
Lily and I with chef Claidio, Marida and the Chef Cartel gang on date night. It's possible that Mike Moll was also there. 
This debate has personally cost me over 90 minutes of my life. Are you an 'Inny' or an 'outy'? 
Did you know that •gbot• loves Rabba-- where else can you go 24/7 for anything you need??? 

Thanks for reading/watching this blog, everyone. You're sharing has helped a ton and I'm proud to say we have reached over a 1000 savvy shoppers because of you. Cheers to 10,000! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dragons Den Next Gen & •gbot•

So for those of you who haven't seen it, myself and Mike Moll appeared on DDNG on behalf of the greatest flyer app ever made, the •gbot•. Here is the link to the segment as well as the post publication interview.

For our loyal •gbot• enthusiasts I have copy/pasted the raw email Q&A from the cbc producers. (They were awesome to work with and I look forward to doing it again) 

Raw Text: 

Mike forwarded you email so I wanted to send you some answers. We had a great time on the Den and I'm very happy to send along this email. We would love to try for the traditional Den tv show so if you can offer any assistance that would be great :)

  • What is your elevator pitch for gbot (describe your business in two tweets or less)?

    The •gbot• app is a grocery list app that actually saves you money on your groceries! Make a list (or ten) and the •gbot• will compare store prices to get you the best savings. No clipping or hassles, just shop easy & save money. 

  • What is the main reason a consumer would be interested in gbot (why would they need/want it)?

    The people who download •gbot• know that groceries are expensive and want to save money but don't have the time and energy to sift through dozens of paper flyers or clip coupons. They use the •gbot• to do all of the work of finding great savings everyday. If you're a flyer person, the •gbot• will change your life :) 

  • What was it like entering the Den and facing the Dragons?

    It was a great experience for us. The Dragons we're very open minded and gave great advice, even in that short amount of time. We've since been going through a diligence process with two of them and •gbot• has greatly benefited from their expertise. 

  • What positive feedback did you receive from the Dragons?

    The initial feedback came from Michelle when she said 'there is no doubt that •gbot• is a better app than the other competing flyers apps.' That validation really lit a fire under us to keep pushing. Since, Paul and Michael have been very good at offering insights that, being a young company,  really accelerated our learning curve in this ever-changing space. 

  • What constructive criticism did you receive from the Dragons?

    Michael and Michelle have been largely focused on how to run an established business: what's the revenue, how many users etc. Paul takes a more philosophic approach looks for the concept as a success first. The main critique from M & M was that we don't have enough revenue or users but that's to be expected in the first few weeks. Our revenue and user base has been growing more and more every day. 

  • What do you think you could have done differently in your approach?

    The last thing we said during the pitch was 'We are yes,' and I wish we had been more articulate in our acceptance of their offer lol. 

  • Where are you now with your business?

    Now we are partnering with different grocery stores and organizations to grow the user base and help make •gbot• a brand name her in Canada.  Since the Next Gen Den we have tripled our user base and revenues and 2015 has been a very accomplished year so far. 

  • What did you learn from the Dragons and being on Next Gen Den?

    We learned that every investor has a different idea of what makes a good business. It's hard to please everyone, so it's best to follow your own advice. If advice doesn't sound good to you or your partners you should analyze it more and not just assume your investor knows the right move to make. Nobody knows your business better than you, not even a Dragon. 

  • Based on your experience, what advice would you give other business wanting to make a pitch on Next Gen Den?

    My advice to other people coming on the Den is be confident. The Dragons smell weakness. My advice to business's appearing on the Den is to be a business-- know your numbers, know your plan, know your history and know your options. Great people can be on the Den with bad business. Being on the Den is a once (or sometimes twice) in a lifetime opportunity so do yourself a favour and be prepared. Don't blow it. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The week after V Day from •gbot•

This blog post is another pictorial essay on the last week. This week of course being the aftermath of the dreaded/joyful Valentines  Day. Enjoy! 
Eat more fruit. 
Go to Rabba 24/7 when other stores are closed. 
We miss football and snacking. 
Did we mention Dragons Den Next Gen? 
Because Nutella. 
Eat your vegetables. 
I bet you use paper flyers too...
And 'yes' we were in DD. Check out the clip for yourself. 

Thanks, Communication Over! •gbot• 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Jan 30 BEV of •gbot•

So when I reflect back on this last week I realize I'm not quite ready to put my name on it yet. There are still another 36 hours and two days before Monday shows up again (yeah, that's right, we do to much to have 24 hour long days, we operate 48 hour days). 

Many finish lines were crossed since Monday and several entirely new races started today. 

These are some of the pics that ended up on my camera roll this week-- this is my BEV (Birds Eye View) of the race so far:

Catch us on Dragon Den Next Gen feb 9/2015

There is more to everyone than meets the eye. 

I wish I learned this in school. True. 

Because bacon. 

A rhino has thick skin, only moves forward and looks damn cool. Be the rhino. 

Just pure chaos. 

Great place to eat and talk. 

I wish I learned this in school. 

Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you feel like checking ye caloric intake of that nut. 

Find great prices on bath and toiletry products in •gbot•, it will put a smile on you face. 

It's a small world-- you'd be surprised who you'll bump into. 

Instagram can make anyone look good in a pic. Thanks. 

Communication, over. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Why can't the BoardRoom be like this?

If any of you have googled me, Stevan Cvjetkovich, you may have seen my alter ego, Kobra Kai. A pro wrestling persona that I used for over a decade. The showmanship of pro wrestling was not lost on me or the •gbot• team and recently we had a chance to flex those 'on stage' muscles by taping an segment  for Dragons Den spin off Next Gen. Check it out here:

@GBOTCANADA: What you doing for 2015? Oh, you know... Shopping Easy & Saving Money on #DragonsDen Next Gen

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It may not be typical but it's what we do

Ever since my first job (that wasn't am allowance based chore from a family member) I have been told that there is a 'way' to do whatever job it was. From bus boy to waiter, to sales guys, to consultant, to Mnager to director and the dozen or so stops in between. 

There is a 'way' to run a company and a 'way' to launch a web service and so on. Now, I completely believe that there are dos and donts out there and good practices and such but I don't think that there is just one 'way' to do anything. Never have. 

That preamble was nessaccary because I've put a lot of thought into the marketing resources we have available for EQI and •gbot•. There is little argument that FB and Twitter and being social in general (Pinterest, blogs, reddit, this one, that one, the next one, the one I don't even know and the rest) are very essential peices to the marketing puzzle. But what is the 'way' to use them? 

Well, I know what other companies are doing-- buy this, value prop that, did you know this, it's a day of some kind, look what I ate, etc. As it turns out, that really isn't our voice as individuals and therefore doesn't really work as the voice of •gbot•. 

Our posts and ads at •gbot• may not be the 'way' that everyone else is doing it but we are finding our Way everyday just a little bit more. I had an acquaintance i bumped into recently say to me 'oh, you do those tweets for •gbot•? Yeah, I cam see that. They are ridiculous,' and I was very flatter/insulted by that. I was insulted because I'm not sure being labelled 'ridiculous' is good (it's definitely not a skill on my LinkedIn profile) and I was flattered because he remembered the tweets. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: don't be afraid to be different and try something new. Worst case scenario, you'll be remembered. 

Now go and download •gbot• for free, communication over! 

@GBOTCANADA: Meanwhile, in Toronto Canada, high grocery prices menace the city... But wait, here come the free •gbot• app to save the day! #savethepig